The Water Seems Inviting

by One Hidden Frame

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released May 31, 2013



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One Hidden Frame Finland

"the Water Seems Inviting" CD is available at Katin Tavara (

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Track Name: immortal
these words burn my fingertips / the demons circle around my head / but I'm not at my weakest / so don't bother this time

if this creates peace / then it's war it holds inside
a silent cold breeze

there's not a cage on this planet I wouldn't break out of
because there's a lot of rage I've grown to live for
spare my weakness and close these eyelids

I will not lose my patterns of belief
anxiety didn't leave me heartless
control to resist and resist to control

I can be anything, anywhere
Track Name: this is not the end
get me out of here but don't let me go this far
I know there's something better
this is not the end of it all
get me out of here
i'm tired of waiting for someone to take over this wasteland

there should be more
I got my burdens
you got your reasons
don't worry you won't feel a thing
cheat death and it'll cheat you back
until the final attack

tear out my roots
and I will create a storm
bring the clouds from a far and distant place I call my soul
so get me out of here and make me beg that this is not the end
Track Name: the undead express
short of hands to reach and dig you up
in nothingness you hold me
a path they paved for you
cannot question anything when it's time to ask them why
and I keep falling on my knees

I hate this town
the only sight is the falling rain on me
we all feel the rage
I hate this town
guide me through the brightest light before it all fades away

"I had to run so I won't be around"
she said grabbing to her fears
and right in that dead moment
we walked the line with our heads down
still all the stars they will shine
but I keep falling on my knees
Track Name: cynic stomp
rituals they held on your expense
travelling to the back alleys of your mind
while a victim dreams - hope is awake
but these cold blooded streets force me to stay

something in the atmosphere is telling me that I need more of this
for a lifetime we are hopeless
but tonight i'll fight all this
erase all the fears that hold our souls in silence

when they knock on your door
make sure you find your way out and cover your tracks

a heart of gold - a fortune worth
but it has gone to its most extreme

twisted to the border of nightmares and dreams
so can you let go?
Track Name: move mountains
sparks hit the ground / they flow like a stream
the taste of ash is floating in the air
the more I see we're not imprisoned to exist

in all your dreams we burn
but in a cheerful way it's warm and it's silent
it's all our natures got
i've been away for so long
it takes a while for all this to come alive

your games will not last
your cries will go unheard
even the simplest form of life vanishes
and we'll be a part of something everyone here would remember

and the mountains we all love
will shatter back to the sea
and the mountains we all love
will be the last ones to go
Track Name: i'm an arrow
might have shut everyone out
this time the steps form a different pattern
let the necessary go
don't think about this / there should be more

no classrooms
no teachers
no one to answer you:
"i'm an arrow in god's bow"
Track Name: see red
direct hits straight to my soul
the forgotten will have to go
stand in line / hold your breath
come and take the final test
move aside and be force fed
it's black and white but I see red

and as tomorrow comes
grabs you by the throat
you lost your innocence
long before this

catch me if you can
fear me not but keep a distance

and as tomorrow comes
grabs you by the throat
you lost your innocence
long before these days that caught you down
cover those eyes to deny the history of your kind
now crawl back to the cave you came from

families torn apart everywhere
is this the sight you want to be remembered of?
I don't want to be defeated after all this time
I don't want to be defeated now
Track Name: the waves
witness the line of fire
flash inside my head
so just for safety
be brave and grow up quickly
my sons, reclaim your place and look to the sky
survival seems now so unkind
it will never be this hard

feels like we're capsized

where are we going?
I figured out that your reasons weigh like feathers
where are we going?
I hope that you'll wait for my signal

the tides wouldn't give much way
to the hopeless at the shores
there's a rebel among the herd

the waters close us down under

I lost my friend to the waves
Track Name: balance
the answer to everything is balance
but those fucked up minds at second grade made your whole life hanging by a thread
it's your decision when to take down the enemies of your fragile mind

no way out / just let me do this song
and time will surely stop

where did you go wrong?
I don't know if hearts can heal it
but I don't need it like you said:
"just one more time"
I am alone in this world
my hopes are high but my feet are stuck to the ground unleashing hell

I don't know if hearts can feel it
but I know that the weapon is my song
I don't know if hearts can feel it
but I'll be unleashing hell

we're all strapped to seeking defiance
the temptations in our hearts will slowly force us off the edge
Track Name: i need a second
where's the light when i'm falling hard
though my eyes are closed I know it's dark
I hear the voices they are getting near
but this coldness keeps me from moving anywhere

take me to another time cause I never found a friend
I need a second
I love the fire but I can't describe the feeling
I need a second

don't cry
the soul repairs
horror disguised in atom size
I'll work my ways through this bleeding heart
Track Name: a quiet crowd
and I wonder what's keeping you alive?
your body or your mind?
I sense more death in your smile
than a life could ever give away

embrace your time and sing the words of "the hollow men"
we need to shut it down

I know you're waiting but I'll never let you go
so hold on to your demons
whisper in my ear that there is nothing more to fear
than the eyes I dare not meet in my dreams

as the smoke clears we're out of time
your souls will all be mine
just sweep it under the rug
it's hard to move along and keep out of the cold
put out a fire / take it out of me

a quiet crowd patiently stands
with open arms they reach out for our hands


“The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. On this shore, we've learned most of what we know. Recently, we've waded a little way out, maybe ankle-deep, and the water seems inviting.

Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return, and we can"

-Carl Sagan